The Bollingers’

In 1949, Norm Bollinger opened Bollinger Shipping Agency, a commercial shipping company boasting just two clients. From these humble beginnings, we have grown into one of Australia’s most respected family businesses. Though our client portfolio and global reach have expanded enormously, we remain committed to delivering professional and  personalised services to clients large and small.

We are extremely proud to state that today, after six decades of freight forwarding and customs brokering, our first two clients remain loyal customers.

A Family First Business

As the principles of Bollinger Shipping Agency remain the same, so too does the Bollinger logo that Norm Bollinger originally created on a napkin all that time ago. Sadly, Norm passed away in April 2012 and is sorely missed by all. His twin sons, Barry and Brian Bollinger, have adopted the roles of Managing Director and Company Director respectively and are hands on in the day to day running of the business. Between Brian’s wife, Heather Bollinger, Brian’s son, Adam, and Barry’s two children, Matthew and Melanie, three generations of Bollinger’s continue to work to expand and improve our customs brokerage and freight forwarding business.
Our company was founded on and continues to operate on the sound principles of basic Christian work ethics. We also constantly strive to ensure that the family first attitude we take to business operations internally is transferred to the everyday handling of consignments for our loyal customer base. Be it the export of freight, the import of freight, customs brokering or the organisation of tariff concessions, we treat every customer’s requirements with professionalism and care.

An Evolving Business & Flexibility

As a specialist customs broker, the Bollinger team has steadily grown, both in size and in efficiencies in the day to day running of the business. Utilising latest technology, including a fully integrated computer network, we’re able to streamline each client’s freight forwarding and customs brokering requirements.
Bollinger Shipping Agency is a family business servicing the entrepreneurial businesses needs of Australia since 1949