Customs Brokerage


As licensed customs brokers in Sydney we will save you time, money and any hassle associated with customs and quarantine clearance through Sydney entry points including airports and sea ports. Bollinger is a member of the Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia (CBFCA). Our highly qualified and experienced staff ensure your import freight is cleared in a timely and correct manner.


How does a Customs Broker Operate?

As an experienced, licensed and professional customs broker serving Sydney and the Central Coast, we take the effort and stress out of ‘clearing’ goods through Customs and Quarantine barriers. Bollinger will handle the collection and preparation of documents, calculate payments and facilitate all correspondence between yourself and the appropriate government authorities; making customs clearance easy. With Bollinger at your side, you will save money, time and any hassle associated with quarantine and customs clearance in Sydney. We regularly prepare customs tariff concession submissions to enable some eligible imported goods to be imported into Australia at lower than normal rates of duty, saving you money. We offer an unrivalled, comprehensive customs brokering service via our established, reliable network of agents within Australia and throughout the world.


Bollinger’s customs brokerage services include:


Because customs clearance/brokering involves the completion of complex government forms, and compliance with frequently changing Government requirements, it can be a confusing process. Through liaison with our import freight experts and our customs broker services, Bollinger ensures a timely clearance and delivery of consignments.


Correspondence between customers and government authorities
Bollinger will synchronize documentation, pricing calculation and all correspondence between you – the importer or exporter of goods, and appropriate government authorities.

To learn how Bollinger can provide tariff concessions and customs or quarantine clearance to help import and export freight easily and efficiently, call (02) 9980 1364 today or submit your enquiry.

Please be advised that under ACBPS Notice 2013/55 we, and all other Australian licensed Customs Brokers, are compelled by law to report to Customs all instances of false, misleading or incomplete information being provided that may affect duty and tax collection or border security.