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First Class Freight Forwarding in Sydney

Bollinger provides a comprehensive door-to-door sea and air freight forwarders service in Sydney, featuring a highly experienced team and extensive partner network. We have a worldwide network of agents, each designed to provide our clients with the most efficient service. Our expert air and sea team manages your entire shipment throughout its journey, ensuring it arrives safely, on time and in the right place.

As the leading air and sea freight forwarders in NSW, we’re also dedicated to discussing every aspect of your import and export needs, from the first consultation until the job is complete. Alongside our highly refined process, we coordinate the movement of your cargo through our services to ensure it reaches its destination without a hitch. Contact the friendly team at Bollinger to find out how we can assist with your delivery needs in Sydney today.


Besides air freight forwarding, we provide reliable international sea freight forwarding

Bollinger isn’t, we believe, just the most reliable air and sea operations in Sydney – we also provide an impressive Customs Brokerage service. As specialised customs brokers and delivery experts, Bollinger ensures the movement of your goods is handled with utmost care.

We also assist with exporting from Sydney – both sea and air consignments – from anywhere in Australia to anywhere in the world.


Proven track record in the air freight forwarding industry

After over seven decades of freight forwarding experience, Bollinger’s proven track record remains one of the best in the business. In fact, we are proud to state that after 70 years as the go-to Customs Brokers and forwarding experts in Sydney, our very first clients still remain loyal customers.

Our longevity is a testament to our skill, passion and dedication to ensuring each and every one of our clients receives a comprehensive service. And you know what makes our service the best in Sydney? The fact that we know exactly what is needed to ensure your delivery reaches its intended target on time and without the hurdles it might otherwise face.


What You Can Expect from Our Service

As the city’s most trusted forwarding experts, we have built a longstanding reputation for providing the most comprehensive service, a service that includes:

  • Passion: Each one of our shipping experts knows what is required of them to ensure your delivery reaches its intended destination safely and on-schedule. We believe that there is nothing more important than ensuring our clients receive the most efficient service, and so we work around-the-clock to make sure this happens.
  • Cutting-edge technology: You can’t be at the top of the industry for as long as Bollinger without loving what you do and the technology that comes with it. As such, we are always on the forefront of industry advancements, using cutting-edge technology to comprehensively send, track and ensure proper delivery.


Exporting Industry Knowledge

Since 1949, Bollinger has established a worldwide network of agents, allowing us to provide our clients with expert knowledge in import customs and quarantine clearances plus international exporting. As a family business, our vast experience in the commercial industries greatly simplifies how our clients import and export to and from Australia.

When you’re planning on importing into or exporting from Australia, there is simply no better choice than Bollinger for experience, reliability, efficiency, and value for money. To learn more about Bollinger’s services, including delivery, tariff concessions, customs clearance and importing, call (02) 9980 1364 today or submit your online enquiry.


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