At Bollinger, we’ve been in the business of commercial shipping for over 65 years. During our time as import agents we’ve helped many businesses, both internationally and within Australia, to import freight and clear customs in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner. Bollinger’s import freight forwarding section is able to offer an unrivalled, comprehensive door to door service to its customers via an established, reliable network of agents within Australia and throughout the world. Bollinger is a member of the Security Cargo Network (SCN) and the Global Transport Organisation(GTO). The benefits of importing cargo to Sydney and other ports with Bollinger include:


Import Consultation

Planning to import cargo to Sydney? We’ll take on the stress and hassle associated with importing freight, including customs clearance so that your business can run smoothly. We are here to help you, call to discuss every aspect of importing cargo, from customs clearance and supply needs to tariff concession; we handle it all. As well as smoothly coordinating the timely cost effective movement of your orders, Bollinger will help ensure compliance with the appropriate government requirements and authorities to ensure hassle free Customs and Quarantine clearances.


Cost-effective service

As one of the longest established family commercial shipping companies, Bollinger offer unrivalled personalised service in arranging import freight, including air and sea freight. The cost effective and timely service is what makes clients loyal to Bollinger.


Proven track record

Bollinger’s long established worldwide network of agents allows us to smoothly coordinate all your overseas supply needs from anywhere in the world. With over 65 years experience, we provide our clients with one of the most efficient and cost effective freight service available.

To learn how Bollinger can provide tariff concessions and customs clearance to help export and import freight easily and efficiently, call (02) 9980 1364 today or submit your enquiry.