We provide a range of services which assist businesses improve efficiencies with the movement of goods. Please contact us for any further information on these areas.


Tariff Concession Applications

Tariff Concession Orders allow for the duty free entry in Australia of certain commodities that would otherwise be dutiable. We may be able to identify a pre-existing tariff concession or perhaps assist in applying for your very own Tariff Concession Order. Please contact us to find out whether or not this may be something that applies to you.


Australian Quarantine Import  Support

We have specific knowledge & many years of experience in dealing with all Australian Quarantine import matters:

  • Import Permit Applications territory
  • Imported Food Inspection Scheme entries, Laboratory Testing & Clearances
  • Australian Quarantine Entries, Inspections & Clearances
  • General advice on all Australian import quarantine matters.


Import Costing ‘Health Check’

Are you already importing goods into Australia? Please feel free to contact our friendly staff for an obligation free quote or simply to discuss any of the below questions further if you think any of these apply to you:

  • Curious to see if you are currently getting the best service in import clearance & delivery?
  • Are you confident that you are compliant with all Australian Customs & Quarantine Import standards, laws & regulations?
  • Are you taking advantage of all possible import duty & GST concessions?
  • Are you receiving the personalised priority service you need from your current Customs broker & clearing agent?


Priority personalised monitoring

We listen to what you want & pride ourselves on being able to personally ensure that all of our client’s technical & detailed cargo clearance, handling & delivery requirements are met… even if it means being there on the ground to personally ensure a smooth & stress-free transaction.


Jewellery & other high value passenger baggage consignments

Bollinger Shipping has a long list of loyal jewellery & high value cargo Passenger Baggage (aka. Accompanied Baggage) import clearance cliental. Please contact us to see what we can do for you?