Changes to the Suppliers packing declaration required for Imports

<p=Justify>In 2016, the Biosecurity Act 2015 superseded the Quarantine Act 1908. Among other considerations, the legislation was put into place to allow the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR – previously Australian Quarantine) greater flexibility for management of potential Biosecurity risks for imported goods.
<p=Justify>Once the new legislation was enacted, DAWR projected multiple phases to implement changes in line with the new legislation as part of a progressive rollout. One such change relates to the wording in the Packing Declaration Template.
<p=Justify>As of 16th June 2017, all importers with goods arriving into Australia as containerised cargo (All FCL, FCX and LCL cargo) must provide a Packing Declaration in line with the new template (which has been attached for your reference).
The difference between the old and new packing declarations resides in the terminology of question 1, which has been updated to state:

“Unacceptable Packing Materials:
Q1. Have unacceptable packing materials been used in this consignment?”

All import consignments arriving on or after 16th June 2017 must have a packing declaration with the wording of the new template.

If you require any assistance or would like us to send you a template of the new packing declaration format, please do not hesitate to contact us.