How are Import Customs Duty & GST calculated?

A: In general terms, customs import duty is charged usually as a percentage of the value of your import consignment at its “Place of Export” – which usually means when AIRFREIGHT goods are loaded onto an international aircraft or when SEAFREIGHT goods are packed into a shipping container. The actual rate & type of duty to be applied will depend on the type of commodity you are importing. When applicable, general import GST is charged as 10% of the combined value of: your import consignment + all international transport & insurance costs + any applicable import duty.


What sort of costs are involved in importing goods into Australia?

A: Once you have made a purchase overseas, here are some of the types of additional costs involved in getting your goods delivered to your Australian delivery address:

  1. Overseas packing & cargo preparation costs
  2. Overseas Insurance
  3. Foreign inland freight
  4. International transport costs
  5. Australian terminal/port handling fees
  6. Customs Clearance Service Fees
  7. Import Duty & GST
  8. Australian domestic collection & delivery fees

Bollinger Shipping Agency is able to assist in organising all of the above mentioned activities & facilitating the payment of all necessary expenses on your behalf.


How do I find out whether or not there are any Australian Quarantine restrictions affecting my proposed importation?

A: Generally speaking, you will be required to satisfy additional Australian quarantine clearance requirements if you’re importing anything that is either second-hand or a product containing ANY sort of plant, animal or biological material. It is strongly recommended that you contact Bollinger Shipping Agency to seek some initial (complementary) advice on whether or not your proposed importation will be allowed into Australia and/or if there are any additional documentary or further treatment requirements that must be met prior to shipping the goods to Australia.


Do my imported goods qualify for duty free entry?

A: Many imported goods may qualify for duty free entry into Australia either in their own right, under a Free Trade Agreement or through an existing Tariff Concession Order. Bollinger Shipping Agency will happily be able to assist to determine whether or not your imported goods already qualify for duty free entry and, if not, we are also able to assist by exploring the possibility of perhaps applying for your very own Tariff Concession Order to cover the duty free entry of your goods.

You can be sure that Bollingers will leave no stone unturned when it comes to making the most of any potential duty savings that you may be eligible for.