Our Best Assets

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(Left to Right: Barry Bollinger, Matthew Bollinger, Simon Barlow, Kyra Robson, Jamie Murray, Bernisse Marfori, Peter Willars, Zsolt Kollanyi, Lalindra Ranatunga)


Mr Matthew Bollinger

Matt (Barry’s son) is the Managing Director and senior Licenced Customs Broker. He has been with Bollinger’s in a full time capacity since 2002. He is a graduate of Newcastle University’s School of International Business Studies. In addition, he is also a commissioned Australian Army officer and graduate of Royal Military College, Duntroon. Prior to joining the company, Matthew worked overseas in various development banking, engineering and education posts. As well as Army Reserve commitments Matthew plays for the local rugby union team and enjoys a variety of outdoor pursuits, including being co-owner of KoTrek(Guided Kokoda Treks) – www.kotrek.com


Mr Barry Bollinger

Barry (Brian’s Twin Brother) is one of the Directors and he also co-ordinates our Import Freight Forwarding. He has been with us since 1992 (after spending 15 years in Papua New Guinea, as a science teacher, then a high school Headmaster and then a Secondary School Inspector). Barry manages strategic relationships with all key clients and also conducts market research to assist our clients with sourcing new supplier’s and markets.


Mr Brian Bollinger

Brian is a Licenced Customs Broker and Company Director and has been with the company since 1972 and has overseen all aspects of our operation. Brian has built up a wealth of knowledge and can still be relied upon to give sound advice on even the most unusual inquiries. (Brian is currently working from home whilst he is on extended sick leave and we hope he will be back with us soon.)


Mr Lalindra Ranatunga

Lalin joined us in January 2013 after moving from Melbourne, bringing with him a wealth of experience and relentless work ethic. He is now our Australian Operations Manager and also oversees all of our newly established New Zealand business operations, typically ensuring the smooth and efficient flow of all operational activities relating to Australian inward sea freight and all activities (import, export, logistics & business development) in New Zealand. Lalin is currently undertaking study in a Masters in Business Administration and will continue to play a critical role in the growth and future of Bollinger Shipping Agency.


Mr Peter Willars

Mr Peter Willars is our Export Manager. He has been with Bollinger Shipping Agency since 1983 and has built up a vast amount of experience. He is a most capable operator and co-ordinates all our export freight movements out of Australia as well as our cartage and deliveries in Australia.


Mrs Jamie Murray

Jamie is our Customs and Quarantine Manager. Jamie is a licenced Customs Broker and fully accredited to deal in all Australian Quarantine matters. She has been with Bollinger Shipping Agency since December 2006 and in which time has gained solid industry experience and also become an integral part of a wide range of the different facets of the business. Jamie completed the National Customs Brokers Course (CBFCA) in 2011 and has also completed her Diploma in Business (Marketing), at Macleay College in 2005.


UPDATE: Jamie is back in our office in part-time capacity (4 days a week) after being away on maternity leave after the birth of her son in June 2012.


Mr Simon Barlow

Simon Barlow started with us in June 2008. He has a Degree in Information Science and training in commerce. He has worked in various accounting firms and has experience in the logistics industry. Simon is our Freight forwarding and airfreight manager. He arranges Import air and sea Freight Forwarding for our clients. Simon has also completed a post graduate Diploma of International Freight Forwarding.


Mr Zsolt Kollanyi

Zsolt Kollanyi has been with us since 2007. He is our delivery driver who is also our occasional video producer. Zsolt performs a host of duties and is our front man at the wharves, airport, bonds, in dealings with Customs, Quarantine, shipping companies etc as well as collecting and delivering freight. He is an accredited RACA operator under the Aviation Security International Systems Training. He comes with a vast experience in the transport industry – and also importantly a ready, helpful smile.


Ms Kyra Robson

Kyra manages our Accounts department and ensures the smooth and efficient processing of all day-to-day invoicing and financial reporting matters. Kyra is a competent operator with an impressive attention to detail. Kyra is a keen international traveller and always brightens up the office with her smile.


Ms Bernisse Marfori

Bernisse is our newest team member, having joined in late 2015. Bernisse assists with accounts, inward sea freight operations and a wide variety of office administrative duties. Bernisse will usually be the first person you speak to when you call our office, her friendly and polite manner is only matched by her keen professional work ethic and infectious smile.


Bollinger Shipping Agency is a family business servicing the entrepreneurial businesses needs of Australia since 1949