Importing to Australia? 5 reasons why smaller is better….

New importers and exporters may wonder whether to use

(a) a large multinational freight forwarder or

(b) a long established, medium sized local family based one, such as Bollinger Shipping Agency.

Despite the marketing ploys of multinationals, medium sized forwarders in general are flourishing, making up about 70% of the international cargo market. At Bollingers, as a medium sized forwarder and Customs Brokerage, in our more than 66 years we have learnt to:-

1. Be resourceful, flexible, willing to listen to our clients and be willing to travel the extra mile to please our customers.

2. Blend personal attention to detail with advanced technical systems and expertise.

3. Have market expertise and experience in our client’s fields.

4. Take the time to learn and personally care about what is important for our clients.

5. Know our clients’ business and their special needs.

Bollingers are regularly asked by some larger forwarders to handle new and out of the ordinary shipments that they don’t have time for. We happily take on jobs that larger forwarders deem too complicated and require specialised, time consuming attention to detail – that larger forwarders are just too busy to provide.

We listen, care and are interested in assisting new ventures to become established and flourishing.